Arvixe Hosting Review 2020: should you buy it in or not

If you are looking for a good quality web hosting service at an affordable price and have found many but wanted to see the review on it, then you have come to the right place.

I will help you get enough information on this Arvixe web hosting service and make a valuable decision. 

Arvixe is one of the high quality and reliable web hosting services at an affordable price. It was founded in 2003. It offers a free domain, unlimited disk space and storage, free website transfer, and an attractive 60-day money-back guarantee. The cheapest hosting plan is $7/mo.

The profound information lies in the rest of the article. Let’s go through it.

Whom This Hosting is For

This hosting is for those who are looking for highly secured servers, regular malware removal, regular security check, spam protection, and regular backups. 

I recommend Anixe Hosting for : 

  • Newbies websites or blog
  • Growing sites that need more speed and resources
  • Busy websites or online stores
  • Host unlimited domains using a single account

It is perfect for distinct people to full fill their different online business needs. 

Arvixe: Services

Arvixe Linux shared hosting is starting at $2.8/mo after the 30% discount with the following compelling features:

  • PHP 4/5.2.17/5.3.10, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails 3.2, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • ImageMagick library, Zend Optimizer, ionCube PHP loader
  • SSH, Shared SSL, Softaculous Script Installer for over 200+ applications

Arvixe ASP.NET shared hosting is starting at $3.5/mo after the 30% discount with the following compelling features:

  • ASP.NET 2.0/3.5SP1/4.0, ASP.NET MVC 1/2/3, Silverlight 2/3/4
  • Unlimited SQL Server Express database 2008 R2
  • Full trust hosting, dedicated application pool & remote IIS management

Arvixe shared hosting is highly recommended by their editors, especially for developers to try web technology online. Arvixe shared hosting is ranked for five stars for web hosting features, reliability, and price.

Besides the attractive 30% discount, now Arvixe offers one free domain and $100 free Google AdWords advertising credit with their cheap shared hosting.

Top features of Arvixe hosting

Advanced Plan:

But at least they do include more advanced features on all of their basic plans that you’d typically have to pay much more with other hosts. For example, their cheapest shared hosting plan has unlimited storage and bandwidth standards. This plan will allow its customers to use up to six domain names, which is pretty cool.

They will also include free Google, Yahoo, and Bing ad credits, which is a nice bonus if you’re already thinking about using online ads to grow your business or readership.

Numerous, Proactive Security Option:

Arvixe also includes various proactive security measures to help you protect your site. For example, their plans come with:

  • SpamAssassin
  • Spamhaus &amp
  • SpamCop Checks
  • Domain Keys
  • SPF for email security

They also offer daily (!) backups, brute force detection, nightly security updates, a firewall, SSL support, and SSH access.

If all that won’t give you peace of mind, I’m not sure anything will.

Free cPanel Site Migration:

Arvixe treats new customers right. Instead of trying to make a few extra bucks by charging you differently for site transfers, they’ll happily take care of them for you — as long as your current host provides cPanel access.

There’s no cost for multiple sites, either. So you can save hours (and potentially hundreds of dollars) by leaning on Arvixe to help you out.

No Renewal Prices Increases-Arvixe also doesn’t nickel and dime new customers after their initial plan expires, either.

Think about it like this:

free site migration of Arvixe hostiong

You go through all the pain and suffering to find a new web host right now. You move your site, domain, and everything over. You prepare for a few years to get the best deal.

Now, in that situation, do you want to switch the hosts again when your plan expires? Chances are not very likely.

The problem is that many other hosts will take this opportunity to double the price right under your nose. You’re getting the same service, but paying way more because they know you won’t want to change hosts at the end of the day.

Arvixe doesn’t do this, however. Your renewal pricing will be the same as the initial cost you signed up for. So this concludes that Arvixe had advantages on this term.

Many Security Features With No Additional Cost-The final pricing deception that most web hosts like to pull is to claim that they offer extra features like SiteLock security or daily backups.

So on the surface, it seems like you’re getting this fantastic value.

Except, when you’re checking out, you’ll realize that almost all of these services are upselling that can easily double or triple the overall price before running your credit card.

Once again, Arvixe doesn’t stoop to these tricks. They include everything from DDoS attack response to network monitoring, firewalls, brute force detection, and nightly updates, all for free.

45-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

This is Arvixe features a no-questions-asked refund policy. That means you can prepay for a few years to get the best bang for your buck. Which means you can even try out their service for a full six weeks with the worry of minimal risk.

If you’re unhappy with the page loading speed or uptime or anything else, say the word, and you’ll get your money back.

Arvixe: Support

The customer service of arvixe was not quite right. The experience was disappointing.

The customer representative’s service was connected within the four/five minutes, but the reply was prolonged. And all the things we gave to them were not used, and they were asking for the same details that we have already given to them. Sometimes they used to ignore the provided information too. They have also skipped the asked questions, so we had to ask them twice to answer that.

But the main problem of the support was the slow reply.

Arvixe: Pricing

PersonalClass PlansPrice
1 month$11.00 (Free Domain)
3 month$11.00 (Free Domain)
6 month$9.90 (Free Domain)
12 month$8.80 (Free Domain)
24 month$7.70 (Free Domain)

Arvixe; Speed & Uptime

During the ten months, the uptime of the Arvixe is quite good. The average uptime is 99.97%

It’s not that bad. It has improved a lot than before. Before it was horrible, the uptime was only 92.95%. 

But with time, it has significantly improved a lot, which is very impressive.

Arvixe hosting

Arvixe: Security

Nowadays, every website requires an SSL certificate. If any website does not have the popular browser, google chrome will warn people as it is not a safe website.

The SSL will help you to keep the information and browsing safe. So, most of the web host service providers include the SSL certificate on their plans now. But in the Arvixe, there is SSL availability, but it is not for the free of cost; it will cost $25/year if you want to have it. 

And as a browser nowadays, making it compulsory, so you need to install an SSL certificate on your website to make it genuine for the viewers.

So the discussion about the security it would give to our website is also no that impressive and useful.

If you want a video review than you can watch this video

Arvixe : FAQ

Is Arvixe Good for Hosting a Medium-sized Website?

Arvixe is an okay host for small-to-middle-sized websites but its not that much the best pick for businesses or large websites.

 Is There a Money-back Guarantee on Arvixe?

They do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to a new customer. Who will have their a/c with Arvixe within the 60 days? But keep in mind that not all services of the Arvixe are eligible for the money-back guarantee.

Will Arvixe Back up My Website?

Yes, They will do the backup of your website.

Does Arvixe Offer Free Site Migration?

Yes, Arvixe provides unlimited and entirely free migration service for Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, or Cloud Services without any downtime.

Which Is the Best Site to Purchase a Domain Name and Hosting for a Newbie Blogger?

The best place to buy a domain name depends on which extension you want and how much control you want over your domain’s DNS settings. Price and location also matter.

Which Arvixe Hosting Plan Should I Pick?

All the plans that are mentioned above are good in their place. You have to see your budget, what kind of services you want, features, and the plan’s duration.

I Have Purchased a Domain Name on, and I Want to Host My Website. Where Do I Go from Here?

For one website to go live, you need three parts: domain + hosting + website source.
In this case, you’ve just only had the 1st part, that is your domain name. So the next steps are you should buy hosting and make a website.
About buying a domain, you can buy hosting from many big guys such as Godaddy, iPage, Fatcow, Arvixe… Or you can research many other big guys to compare their service with each other. You can buy hosting as simple as you buy the domain.

Does Arvixe offer a Free Domain?

Yes, Arvixe offers a Free domain, and along with that, it also provides unlimited disk storage and space, free website transfer, and a 60-day money-back guarantee, and the lowest price starts from $7.70/mo.

Arvixe : final verdicy

So as we have gone through all the articles, all the content here, you have probably realized that this Arvixe does not have enough things to like about it. The security options and daily backups are good. The unlimited bandwidth is also helpful, and a free domain for a lifetime is like an icing on the cake.

But poor performance, as it has shown, cannot be ignored. The customer service is not good enough; the uptime is just now being right; before this, it was inferior. 

This Arvixe was the best host a year or two years before, but along with the time, their performance is not improving; instead, they are making it worse, and they are also not updating with the time. And time is everything.

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